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Natural Birth in a Full Leg Cast

Hi friends have a look about this stories. They are real pregnant women involved in the situation of pregnancy and the unfortunately leg injury.   They may help some moms that unfortunately were sick during that fabulous moment of their lives: to have a baby.  Any way, have a look and enjoy it all.  This article was found on  And remember, this material does not pretend substitution the medical advice. This is just for relief some emotions to beautiful pregnan casted mothers...

I'm new to this board but I'm wondering if anyone knows or has heard of someone in a situation like mine.  I fell at a McDonalds on Monday the 24th and broke my ankle in 3 places.  The type of fracture I have normally requires surgery but because I am 35 weeks pregnant they decided to do a full leg cast instead and see how it starts healing and then go from there.  This will be my 4th vaginal delivery but I'm like super nervous.   I don't know how I'm going to do this.  My first 2 birth I did completely natural and the last one I was so nervous and upset because my grandfather was dying (he passed the next day at home) and my mom couldn't be there that I ended up with an epidural that didn't work for me anyways really.  I need help, suggestions, something.  Any would be greatly appreciated!
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Oh my gosh!  It sounds like you did one good job on yourself!  I don't know of anyone that has been in your situation but you can still move around in bed and maybe even be standing (if your cast is cooperative) while leaning on the bed (or birth ball on bed) or leaning into your DH.  Water is out, obviously, but maybe letting your DH support you while you hang during contractions may help. Above all, I wish you the very best of luck and will be waiting to hear all about it!

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I'm a believer in lamaze. I know its old school but I used it for my first and had a REALLY great natural labor albeit was over 24 hours long.  Pushing still wasn't fun but big surprise right.   You can actually watch lamaze techniques and tips on youtube for free. I rented the lamaze dvd from my local library and I felt prepared and comfortable with my experience.
I'm so sorry you're facing this!  I still believe you can have the experience that you're wanting though!
by Beckettbabe

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I am in the same boat as you as scarily and as coincidental as it sounds. I slipped just last wednesday and fractured my ankle. I am too 35 weeks and am now in a cast. I am glad you have asked questions about managing labour as I am too concerned about being in this situation.

I can't believe there are other people in the same boat as me!  Last Tuesday, I slipped on some loose gravel and broke my ankle in four places.  I had surgery on Wednesday and came home from the hospital on Friday.  I'm 30 weeks pregnant.  Everyone at the hospital was super-aware of the fetus, and an L&D nurse would come to my room to monitor the baby every few hours.

I am in a cast up to my knee, and I cannot put any weight on my leg for 6 weeks.  That will bring me up to 36 weeks pregnant.  I will be able to begin putting weight on the leg at that point, but I will still be in a brace and on crutches when it's time to deliver.  I had hoped to do a natural birth as well, but I am afraid that the leg pain will compound the pain of childbirth.  (To be frank, it's nearly excruciating to go to the bathroom, so I can't imagine pushing out a baby!)

This is my first baby, and I was scared enough as it was.  Any words of advice or encouragement are appreciated.  And, again, it's comforting to know that there are others out there facing similar situations.  I'll be thinking about you all!

I had a foot injury once where it was excruciatingly painful to move and lower it(I was on bedrest with it elevated).  Going to the bathroom was awful and the level of pain was amazing, nearly to the point of vomiting when the blood would rush down to my foot.  Anyhow childbirth/labor pain was a breeze compared to that.  It's a completely different type of pain so I would not worry that you would not be able to handle labor pain because the ankle pain is hard to deal with.  Also since your cast comes off at 36 wks you have another 4 weeks for it to heal before you due date. 
Good luck!

by trishthedish1

Hi there. I hope I haven't left it too long to offer advice. I broke my ankle at 39 weeks and one day. I twisted my ankle turning suddenly in the kitchen to avoid burning my huge belly on a pork roast and it snapped in 5 places. I have no bone density problems but my ligaments were very lose ready for the birth. I have some great news for you. You CAN have a natural birth with a non weight bearing cast on your leg. I did 17 hours of labor in many different positions drug free. And it was very fulfilling, not painful but certainly alot of pressure. I just told myself that I was a mother already (it was my first baby but I said to myself that I was a mother from when I broke it, not from the birth like everyone else thinks. So as a mum I had to stand up to the challenge of motherhood and look after my baby first and me second during the surgery for the ankle and the labor.

I had surgery on the ankle the morning after the brake with a spinal as I could not have a general being so pregnant. I watched alot of it in awe and tried to take my mind away during the rest! There was no screen up and it was rather odd to hear them all talking about the procedure and what they did on the weekend, they even played music for the surgeon! I won't say they looked after me that well in hospital as orthopedics don't have a clue about pregnancy so my advice for hospital is:

1/ Insist obstetrics are present before and after surgery and that you have an anesthesiologist who is VERY experienced.
2/ your family or friends bring in some hearty extra food as they will feed you like an 80 year old woman not a pregnant mum to be!

At home get yourself ready by injecting your clexane daily (first thing in the morning worked best for me...I would not let myself do a wee until I did the needle) :-O. Then try to think about all the things you CAN do. You can paint a cot (I did), you can clean the babies room in the wheelchair or crawling (I did), you can vacuum from your wheelchair (I did), you can ask your friends and family around for a bake-off where they prepare alot of casseroles and curries to freeze for the birth when you will really appreciate the ready made hearty meals (I did), you can also read alot online and books/TV about birth. You have to make some important decisions about how YOU are going to manage it.

I decided that I would be in charge but take a midwife's advice in hospital. I would no go to the natural birthing facility but I also would not take drugs unless I could not cope and if I thought I could not cope I would wait 5 contractions before I let myself have them. I felt my baby had had enough drugs and I did not want to slow the birth down. Look at birthing positions. You can do more than half of them with support. Have 2 people to help as well as the midwife. I chose a Doula and my husband. They helped be use the balance ball, etc. The midwife was unsympathetic about me staying in one position and thank God for that! You don't needf to be in a certain 'position' to give birth. You just have to keep moving and bub will move down the birth canal and not slow down. So I got on hands and knees, my back, knees and best of all was the bath! You can get what I call a 'leg condom' from the orthopedic section of major hospitals. It is a silicone or rubber sheeth that goes over your whole leg up to your thigh and you can have baths at home and in hospital with it - and the shower which is devine during labour! Don't let folk tell you you can't have the luxury of warm water jetted on the small of your back during those contractions! You CAN with that cpondom thingy. I needed venthouse at the very end for 5 minutes but I did it and I am so proud. and you know what? I couldn't have done it without the broken ankle. It made me stronger than other girls who don't have those challenges during their pregnancies. I dealt with the surgery cause I had to and the pain of the injury was a great comparison to the sensation of labour which was VERY different and I found workable. Use all that extra time you have at home to mentally prepare, be strong for your baby and congratulations on the most fulfilling day of your life...the day you bring another little soul into the world.
Best of love and luck.


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