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BelQuette Joins Forces with ColDesi, Inc.

Dear Customer.

We are very happy to announce that after years of collaboration, ColDesi Inc and BelQuette are joining forces!

ColDesi has long been a behind the scenes partner and friend to BelQuette for many years – we’re actually only a short 20-minute drive apart – and have been trying to find ways to tap into each other’s strengths in a way that’s great for our customers and the industry as a whole. We finally are able to realize our dream of working together to be MORE.

In this case, 1+1 is definitely going to make THREE!

This is very good news for all of our customers. You will get the best of both worlds; the same great support and people that you’ve always dealt with here at BelQuette AND the additional support, sales and logistics personnel that ColDesi’s Tampa office brings to the table.

You can look forward to things like more support personnel, an amazing ecommerce experience for ordering supplies and accessories, and access to many more products in apparel decorating.

What will this mean for you?

You will notice very few changes in the coming months:

  • Use the same phone numbers and email addresses you always have to contact us.
  • Talk to the same people you have been; Jerid, Matt, V, Brett and Mark we’re all still here.
  • Your warranties and support will all stay the same – don’t worry!

What you WILL see change in over the next several months:

  • Shipping from address may change – we’ll be shipping products from the ColDesi/Colman and Company warehouses.
  • Colman and Company is the supply side of the business and you’ll be able to take advantage of their ecommerce site to order. (not yet! We’ll let you know)
  • Tech support will be combined – once again, all of our existing people will be there PLUS ColDesi’s eight-person support staff

We KNOW you may have questions as we go through this process and we’ll answer all of them; simply reply to this email and we’ll respond ASAP!


Brett Weibel and Mark Mombourquette

PS: While all this is happening, we will continue our market innovations, inventions and new products – watch for big things coming from both ColDesi and BelQuette Technologies!

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